My book, my dream

Something very exciting happened this week: my book Opting Out and In: On Women’s Careers and New Lifestyles has finally been published! Writing and publishing a book is a long process, so this has been a long time coming, but what makes it especially sweet is of course the fact that writing a book has been a dream of mine ever since I was a child.

My parents raised me to be a reader. Although we obviously had rules and restrictions, the thing that we were allowed in excess was books. (Except at the dinner table, I wasn’t allowed to read at dinner. Every time I was caught with a book open in my lap under the table I was told to put it away. And I was genuinely surprised that they noticed, every time.) Book fairs, book orders, and visits to the book store are cherished childhood memories, and I still remember the feeling of opening a newly purchased book, burying my nose in it and breathing in the scent. This is something I still do by the way, and did you know that books smell differently depending on which country they are from?

By now you probably understand what a great part of my life books are. I have always loved them, I have devoured them, and they have opened up my mind and imagination to wonderful things. They have taught me languages and the power of expression – the power of being able to say exactly what you want in exactly the way you want. They have shown me that language can be more vivid than a painting, and more powerful than weapons. And it is something I try to pass on to my children because not only do books make life so interesting, language and the ability to express oneself is the key to success, if anything. Besides, I read somewhere that people who read a lot of fiction tend to be very empathetic, as stories teach them to see things out of other people’s perspectives.

So you can imagine, the thought of writing my own book was the ultimate thing. But it was a distant dream. I didn’t think I had the ability to write a book that could compare to the novels I loved. But now I have done it, I have written a book. Not a novel, but one filled with stories of women. I am so grateful to these women for being willing to be a part of this and for sharing their personal thoughts and experiences with me. Without them, this book would no be what it is.

I have already started working on my next book, which is going to be about men opting out. I am still in the early stages as I am writing it as a part of my current research project, but I’m enjoying the process already and I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy Opting Out and In. Happy reading!


P.S. The hardback and kindle versions are available now, and the paperback will be available in a few months.

1 thought on “My book, my dream

  1. Dear Ingrid,

    I´m a Brazilian graduate student. I have met professor Anthony Elliot at a congress and he recommend I read your book. Unfortunately, the Amazon doesn´t delivery neither hardback nor kindle versions to Brazil. Is there another way to buy your book? I´m very interested! I’m writing my thesis and I´m sure that your work could help me.
    Thanks in advance.

    best regards,
    Simone Almeida

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